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AI Education Assistance

Productivity AI Built on OpenAI Chat GPT Large Language Model (LLM) and AIRPEC


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Develop AI to improve quality of life, enhance human performance and productivity

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AI Personal Assistants

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AI Professional Sales Agents

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Education and Study Assistants


Artificial Intelligence Remote Performance Capability

Redefining AI capabilities in a profound way

Artificial Intelligence Remote Performance Capabilities (AIRPEC) make AI work for you in amazing ways. with the capability to run digital errands. 


With AIRPEC AI can run errands sharing or retrieving documents from remote devices, and utilize your mobile or web application to complete tasks such as attending meetings, and making presentations at webinars, on your behalf. AIRPEC facilitates AI’s capability to drive business revenue by remotely running unlimited digital sales calls.


Revolutionize Your Industry
with AI and Robotics


Machine Vision

Using powerful machine vision such as facial recognition or biometric information to recognize, identify, interpret, and protect data. Maya can translate visual images, and speech when it takes on your tasks to perform critical and sensitive functions using private and encrypted data.


Deep Learning

inspired by human brain's neural networks

Complete with image and speech recognition, language translation,   voice cloning, and conversational engagements. Maya's deep learning creates a personal bond that enhances your quality of life.

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